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What are the benefits of pre-approving?

Pre-Approval for CESP Continuing Education (CE) is now available!

Organizations and training entities providing continuing education may submit their trainings to be pre-approved for CESP Continuing Education (CE) credit.

Benefits to the Trainer:

  • You can market your training opportunity as CESP Pre-approved!
  • Receive a template certificate and/or CESP logo to use in providing documentation to learners.
  • Ensures training aligns with the CESP Content Outline.
  • Make sure in-agency training meets certification requirements for staff.

Benefits to the CESP Credential Holders:

  • Simplifies the recertification process with the documentation provided by trainers that meet CESP recertification requirements.
  • Ensures that training meets the criteria for CESP recertification.
  • Plan your CEs with confidence! Know how many CE credits you will earn from a training opportunity.
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