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Paying for a CESP Application

CESP Eligibility Application Fee $40 USD (Non-refundable) - The CESP Exam Eligibility Application will prompt applicants to select their payment method.
Examination Testing Fee  $159 per attempt -
Please note, this fee must be paid via credit card to Kryterion at the time of scheduling unless you communicate with APSE and pay using methods below.

Please note that your applications will not be reviewed until payment has been  received

Fees are non-transferable from one candidate to another.

If you are an employer or want to pay for an individual's CESP Eligibility Application...

Applications must be submitted before payment can be received.  Applicants should select "check" as their payment method of choice, then individuals may send a check, request a purchase order or call APSE to pay on behalf of the applicant. To submit an application without payment the applicant will need to select the payment method "Check". 

Option: Credit or Debit Card


Candidates may pay at the time of application using a debit or credit card. This is through PayPal and does not require an account to process the transaction. Please note you do still have to submit the application after payment.

If the application is to be paid for using a credit card over the phone, the applicant or cardholder may call the office at 301-279-0060 to submit credit payment over the phone. The cardholder will need the name of the applicant.  Please note we will not accept payment over the phone until the application has been submitted. APSE will not be able to provide information on the application to anyone other than the applicant.

Option: Scholarship/Sponsorship

Interested in setting up a scholarship or sponsorship to pay for multiple applicants to take the CESP exam? Reach out to for more information. For applicants, you will have had communication prior to applying about a scholarship or sponsorship to select this option.

Option: Check Payment

There are two options for check payments. CHECK PAYMENTS TAKE AT LEAST 3-4 WEEKS TO PROCESS due to mail delays and COVID-19 APSE staff protocols.

Option 1: Send a check for the full amount ($199) and if you choose this option then once the application is approved the candidate will be sent a coupon code to use when scheduling the exam. If they are not approved to sit for the exam a refund check will be issued in the amount of the exam fee ($159).

Option 2: Send a check for the application fee ($40) and then once approved you may send an additional check for the exam fee ($159). Once the check for the exam fee is received the candidate will be emailed the coupon code to schedule their examination.

Successful submission of the application without payment will result in a confirmation email containing instructions on how to submit a check payment. 

Option: Purchase Order

Candidates should select "Pay by check" to submit their application. To request a Purchase Order email with details on your agency's requirements for purchase orders.

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