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What if my recertification expires and I want to renew it?

If you are still within your 30-day grace period after expiration:

You can reinstate the certification by meeting all of the recertification requirements, submitting a complete recertification application through CE credits, and paying the recertification fee of $125. 

Please note that the application must be  approved within the 30-day grace period for the certification to be reinstated. 

If the application is approved, the individual’s expiration date for the reinstated credential will be the same as if the certification had been renewed on time.

If it is past the 30-day grace period:

If certification has been expired for more than 30 days, an individual must reapply to retake the examination.

Individuals applying must meet all eligibility requirements, provide documentation of eligibility, pay the full examination fee, and pass the examination.

See more about the examination process.

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