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Confidentiality: Here’s why we can’t talk to your employer

The CESP Confidentiality policies state that we can only talk to you as the applicant unless you do one of the following:

  • Call us with your boss on the line
  • Email and cc your employer, or whoever you want to be copied in. 

NOTE that these communications must start with you, the candidate, and be from the email address associated with your APSE Apply account. 

This is to protect your confidential information. 

We are able to direct you to the CESP Directory to look up a specific individual, their certification date, and expiration date. 

Confidentiality Policy 

Information about applicants and/or credential holder and their examination results is considered confidential. Exam scores will be released only to the individual candidate unless a signed release is provided. Personal information submitted by applicants/credential holders with an application or recertification application is considered confidential. 

The ESPCC will not disclose confidential applicant /credential holder information unless authorized in writing by the individual or as required by law. The names of CESP certified individuals and their certification status are not considered confidential and may be published by the ESPCC and/or APSE. 

Aggregate exam statistics will be published periodically as a service to the profession and as a requirement for CESP accreditation. Aggregate exam statistics and related reports will describe the performance by the population of candidates, not by specific individuals.

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