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Tell me about the pre-approval form?

The ESPCC (Certification Council) has a pre-approval review process for those trainers wanting to ensure their opportunities meet CESP Continuing Education (CE) Guidelines.

"As a conference coordinator, there is so much to do! The online pre-approval process for CESP credit allows you to upload information in a quick & easy manner. The approval came within a day and I was able to let potential attendees know that CESP credit would be available (critical for CESPs) and that the conference would offer quality sessions (great to tell everyone!)" - Katie Wolf Whaley, KY APSE President

Access the application at APSE Apply by clicking here.

Here's a document outlining all requirements for the recertification process by continuing education credits. Click here to view and download.

The application itself shouldn't take more than 20 minutes on your part. The application will ask you to provide for each activity:

  • Title of Training

  • Course Description or Overview. Example: What you would share with potential attendees.
  • Start Date of the Training
  • Total number of learning hours (both for payment selection, and for reviewers to know how many hours the event is)
. Please provide a break-down of the hours of training (i.e. a schedule). You also have the option to upload this as a PDF or Word document.
  • Type of Instruction (Virtual, in-person, etc)

  • Who will the training be provided by?
  • Contact information for the training entity

  • Which Domain(s) from the CESP Content Outline do you believe your training relates to best? Although mandatory trainings and general disability trainings are valuable to the role of an ESP, they are not specific to employment. General disability-related training does not count toward recertification (i.e. Mental Health First Aid, non-employment disability specific training).
  • Describe how your training educates on topics related to the CESP™ Content Outline. Trainers are responsible for observing the principles embodied in the APSE Ethical Guidelines for Professionals in Supported Employment.
  • List Learning Objectives for the Training
  • Describe how the training is evaluated and feedback is used to improve future trainings
  • You must provide confirmation of course completion to each learner that meets CESP CE Documentation requirements - agree to this statement
  • You will provide accessibility options and accommodations as requested. - agree to this statement
  • Optional course materials (While optional, any submitted materials such as a syllabus, agenda, slides, etc. are used to verify the submitted course's relevance to CESP. Documentation should clearly show the content related to the Content Domain.)
  • Website link

To begin your application, please click "Apply." This will take you to a list of application tasks. You may always press "save" and then return to complete the application later if needed. Additional individuals may be added as collaborators to an application.

The form is open to submit your application at any time. Once fully submitted, you will receive an email confirming your submission. The review process includes a 5-7 business day turnaround time. Failure to provide needed information will result in the delay of your potential approval.

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