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My state is considering a competency requirement, what now?

A CESP certification is a critical component to promote professionalism and elevate workforce development

Download: a 1-page resource about CESPs and the benefits to state funders of employment services or policymakers

Individuals that earn the designation of Certified Employment Support Professional™ demonstrate that they are among an elite group that is competent in best practices and possess the full range of skills needed to assist individuals with disabilities to succeed in employment. Certifications are valid nationwide and are recognized as a symbol of quality and pride. Testing is available throughout the year, with new individuals earning their certification each week!

The Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) Board of Directors and the APSE Certification Council (ESPCC) have created a NEW resource that provides guidelines that state agencies can use when requiring the Certified Employment Support Professional™ (CESP) Certification or the ACRE Certificate of Completion. These guidelines also provide information about and outline differences between the CESP and ACRE training programs.

By requiring a National Certificate of Completion or Certification, employment provider organizations and employment support professionals will receive a nationally recognized standard of training (ACRE) and the opportunity to demonstrate competency (CESP). State agencies need to consider their options in supporting such a workforce development initiative in their state.


Download: State Guidelines for CESP and ACRE Competency Requirements 

Comparison Document between Certification (CESP) and ACRE Certificates

CESPs and States: A Report-Out from 2021: March 23, 2022. A report from the CESP Credential focused on what states are doing for credential or competency requirements.

APSE Podcast and ODEP Presentation: ACRE and CESP State Guidelines (February 2021)

Presenters from both APSE and the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators ( led a 90-minute presentation and discussion about ACRE, APSE, and CESP on March 11, 2021.


Please email if you have questions about CESP™ waivers, reimbursement, testing, or legislation.  APSE staff is available to help you contemplate potential policies and implementation.

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