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What documentation do I need to get?

CESP Recertification Information. This document outlines the requirements for continuing education (CE) credits, as one of the two options for CESP™ recertification by the ESPCC. Updated last July 2021.

As the candidate for CESP™ recertification, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate documentation showing proof of completion of CE activities from external sources. Each activity outlines the type of necessary documentation required. 

This may require some effort on your part to gather documentation ahead of time.

All documentation is subject to verification by the ESPCC: 
  • Ensure documentation shows your record of attendance/completion, not just registration. If there is a spot for your name you need to fill that in.
  • For CE credits attended (webinar, training, etc), the number of hours must be clearly listed.
  • Documentation should clearly show the connection to the Content Outline Domains and employment specific training/content.
  • Add any additional information about the activity, such as a webpage or marketing information to help show relevance to Content Outline
  • Repeated coursework, trainings, or content will not be counted for credit within the same 3-year cycle (i.e. attending a training multiple times that presents the same content)
  • Completion dates of CE hours (CEs) submitted for the current renewal cycle MUST fall within certificant's current three-year period.
  • Acceptable forms of documentation submitted with recertification application are listed here as examples. Other forms of documentation that provide evidence that the activity was completed may also be accepted. 
  • IF you don't have documentation, please see the link to the article below.

Helpful Hints

Don’t wait until the month before your certification expires to work on gathering your documentation and attending trainings. This should be a thoughtful exercise in planning your CE credits to fully develop and expand your knowledge as an employment support professional. 
You can start uploading documentation at any time online! 
While you are welcome to sign in to the system to begin uploading credits and documenting them on the application, some may want to use an Excel spreadsheet or print it out to use. The tracking guide is intended as a template for you to track information in preparation to transfer it to the application. 

Click for the recertification tracking guide.

For each activity, please include the following:

  • Name of the activity
  • Documentation for the activity required
  • Date completed (if ongoing, such as involvement on a board, just include the date of a letter included)
  • Type of activity*
  • Number of CE credits it is worth*
  • Connection to the 4 CESP domains from the Content Outline (select one on the application)
  • Any additional details to help the reviewers connect the activity to the CESP content domain

Please note that activities should be grouped together, such as conference attendance. If you went to one conference but received multiple certificates, please try to group these as  one activity.

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