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Marketing Your Training

Now that your activity has been pre-approved...

  • Can we put "CESP approved credits" on our marketing materials? If you go through the application process for preapproval and are approved, then absolutely yes include that on the marketing!
  • Pre-approved trainings may also use the full credential logo available on the APSE website here.  Download the logo here
  • Remember, you need to provide attendees with documentation of completion. See #3 on Article: Getting Pre-Approval

Preapproval is not required, but that if a trainer does not go through it you can't market your training as pre-approved.

However, we know your attendees will want to know if the training will count. You may state that the activity aligns with the CESP Content Outline and documentation of attendance will be provided.

Sample language: "While this training is not pre-approved for CESP Continuing Education (CE) credit, it aligns with CESP content, and documentation of attendance will be provided. Attendees are encouraged to submit this for credit for CESP recertification."

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