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What eligibility documentation is required to apply?

The proof of eligibility is not required for current CESP certification holders looking to recertify by examination within the recertification period.

Applicants for certification must provide the following documentation when applying:


High school (or equivalent) diploma or transcript.

Documentation must clearly show applicant’s name, the institution name, and date of graduation. Note that a transcript or diploma from postsecondary education can be submitted in lieu of high school or equivalent.
Transcripts may be unofficial, as long as they meet documentation requirements above. 

Resume: An updated resume reflecting experience as an Employment Support Professional.

Resumes that do not include your current position or are not updated will cause your application to be denied. Please ensure your resume is updated before completing this task.
Please upload your updated resume reflecting your experience as an Employment Support Professional. Resumes reflecting less than 1 year of required experience should also include information about your training required under the work eligibility requirements.
You may upload confirming documentation in addition to your resume, but the resume is the required document for your application to be considered.  
When adding your Employment Support Professional experience to your resume, the ESPCC recommends you refer to the glossary of Employment Support Professional (ESP) terms and the Resume Building Guide. This will assist reviewers in making a clear distinction of how your work experience has met the Work Experience Definition.

Employer Verification: You must submit an online verification from your current (and/or previous) employer verifying your work history as an Employment Support Professional.

To submit your application for the CESP™ certification examination, you must submit verification from your current (or previous) employer verifying your work history as an employment support professional. This is required to be completed before you are able to fully submit your application.
This task requires you to request at least one (up to 3) employment verifications from current or previous supervisors, funders, or contractors. This verification cannot come from a co-worker. You are required to enter their first and last name and email. That person will receive an email notifying them to go into the system before the application deadline and answer questions about:
  • Your job title (current or previous)
  • Dates of employment
  • Your primary responsibilities and how they fit into the work definition for the CESP™ and your work supports people with disabilities in finding/maintaining employment 
  • Hour per week you spend on Employment Services work
  • Optional job description upload
You are not able to press 'complete' until the individual has completed their recommendation.
If you have less than 1 year of work experience with this employer, please ask for additional recommendations to verify employment or have your current employer state that you were hired with previous experience as an Employment Support Professional. Also, please ensure your resume reflects this information.
To be considered for the certification, the ESPCC has outlined that employment verification cannot come from the applicant themselves. Additional documentation may be requested. This can include but is not limited to, verification from the funding source(s) or program(s) with whom you contract. 

Code of Conduct: Each applicant must agree to and sign the Code of Conduct included in the application.

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